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Vinod Khosla Shares His Portfolio

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Vinod Khosla gave a speech down at Sand Hill Road yesterday in which he offered the most detailed description of his portfolio companies that we’ve heard. Breaking it down into four categories — the war on oil, the war on coal, efficiency and materials — he discussed at least 32 portfolio companies that he hopes will shape the future of energy and fight climate change. He showed off a list of 26 companies in March.

As Khosla put it, “Hopefully we’ll see a hundred portfolios like this. I’m happy to share all my strategies so we get more people,” to have portfolios with a large amount of diverse energy companies. At the event, he used a PowerPoint slide to showcase his portfolio companies, and more recently posted a similar slide on his web site. Though the two slides are actually a bit different, here are some of the lesser-known companies from both lists: efficiency companies Seeo, Newco1 (is that a placeholder name?), and PAX Streamline (just called Streamline on this list); water companies Quos and NanoH2O; biofuel company Ethos (although a biofuel company called Kior was on the other list); and plastics companies eChromics (which he referred to as Soladigm on the other list) and Calera.

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