Sony Expands Minisode Network; Shrunken Retro TV Shows To Run On Crackle, AOL And Joost

Sony (NYSE: SNE) Pictures Television’s Minisode Network, the studio’s online repository for shortened TV classics, is branching out from its home on MySpace to receive distribution on Sony’s user-gen video site Crackle, as well as on AOL (NYSE: TWX) and Joost, the NYT reports. By extending its network among different sites, Sony will offer different advertisers special sponsorship deals tailored to match their respective campaigns.

On Monday, Sony’s Minisode Network will offer its 18 retro TV shows, including Bewitched, I Dream of Jeannie, The Jeffersons, on Crackle, the former Grouper Network site that was rechristened in July. As part of that debut, Pepsi will provide the sponsorship, which is tied to a larger campaign that’s also heavily drenched in nostalgia. Each minisode features a 15-second pre-roll from Pepsi. The site’s wallpaper will also be composed of a collage of old Pepsi ads and logos, which is also a part of its overall ad campaign.

As we mentioned back in June, Sony first began running old TV shows on a special MySpace channel. Instead of running clips or highlights, shows like Charlie’s Angels and Starsky and Hutch were condensed into 3- to 5 minutes, all the while maintaining the narrative arc of a full episode.

In addition to the Minisode Network’s channel on Crackle, which still features a variety of user-gen videos, Sony has also arranged distribution for its old TV hits on AOL and Joost, with sponsorship from Honda.