Hands-On Mobile Restructures, New CEO and Exec Team


Well, this was coming, after all the management and board troubles over the last year: Hands-On Mobile, the mobile games and apps publisher has done a complete overhaul of the company: it has a new CEO and president in David White. White was previously the company’s CFO. Also, Michael Temkin who has been promoted to CTO and EVP of operations. Addo Barrows has been promoted from treasurer to CFO, and Erik Pavelka has been promoted to chief strategy officer wherein he will oversee all business development, corporate development and product management efforts. From outside, it has hired Jeff Freebairn as the new SVP of global sales and Russ Eisenman has joined as SVP of global marketing.

Also, it says it is launching a new platform that “facilitates rapid development of industry leading games and applications,” though not really sure how new that is. More in release.



HOM is such a joke……Get your resumes out peoples b/c they company is DONE! Actually….everyone should stay and wait till they get laid off, collect the severance and run!


Nice, now all they have to do is convince everyone that they aren't the laughing stock of the industry.


Ha Ha Ha is Tool:
My guess is that Ha Ha ha got fired and that PK Ripper is a PR flack for HO-MO. PK's comment is too much of a suck up to the press release to be anything but the gal that wrote it.

PK Ripper

you're right Ha-Ha-Ha, no one wants a job at a messed up place. but, according to the release, two top-notch execs have joined to help form the new mgt team and momentum around the company is very positive. what's important is delivering product and generating value. let's see what the new platform is and if these guys can execute…

Ha Ha Ha

yea, ok "phil" When no one wants a job at a messed up place – the investors always promote from the company's inner group. Gone through 22 vp and pres and CEOs – no one else is there. what happened to Lynn Crawford? she got smart.

Phil Kegley

FINALLY the board has made an intelligent decision and put some real management in place over there. The new team is young, energetic, and passionate about running a successful company and they actually have the intelligence about the business to succeed.

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