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HSUPA modem arrives at AT&T: AirCard 881 PC Card

Sierrawireless881attThat HSUPA modem I considered waiting for two months ago is now on the shelves at the AT&T store. Actually, I was waiting for the 881U USB modem, but according to the press release, it’s the 881 PC Card that you can now nab for… wait for it… no out of pocket expense. That’s right, if you want an HSUPA modem card and you’re willing to commit to a two-year contract and $59.99 data plan, it’s yours for the taking after all rebates and offers.

AT&T indicates that they’ll be updating their current 3G network to HSUPA through early 2008; all new coverage areas will start up with the fast technology that offers between 500- and 800 kbps uploads with up to 1.4 Mbps downloads. I can vouch for the latter based on some HSDPA speed tests I’ve done.