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UPDATED: Viacom, Microsoft, News Corp., NBCU, Disney Issue Guidelines On Copyright Violations

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Updated below: A number of major media and tech companies are banding together to issues “guidelines” for combating the use of unauthorized online content, WSJ reports. The news comes a few days after Google (NSDQ: GOOG) finally unveiled its copyright protection filter for YouTube; Google considered taking part in discussions over copyright issues, but ultimately did not join the group. The members of this ad hoc consortium drafting the guidelines include CBS; Microsoft; NBC Universal; News Corp. (NYSE: NWS) through its Fox and MySpace divisions; Walt Disney (NYSE: DIS) Co.; Viacom; and Dailymotion, according to the Journal’s unidentified source. In March, Viacom (NYSE: VIA) sued Google for $1 billion over copyright violations on YouTube.

Among the group’s demands: a call for purveyors of online video to use tools that will block any infringing material. As Google said in its announcement, its YouTube Video Identification system will let it ban accounts belonging to repeat violators, add a unique

One Response to “UPDATED: Viacom, Microsoft, News Corp., NBCU, Disney Issue Guidelines On Copyright Violations”

  1. It's beyond me why anyone would let the robber barons of copyright dictate principles of UGC. They have a vested interest in limiting free expression, extending their media monopolies and scaling back long-established guidelines of fair use. The should have a seat at the table, but not all the seats.

    The doublespeak in their 15 points seems so Orwellian it makes my head spin.