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BBC Sheds Thousands Of Jobs, Ads Get Go-Ahead

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From our sister site paidContent:UK: A big day on which the BBC director-general won approval for two key proposals, heralding big changes at the broadcaster: Ads Get Go-Ahead, Starting Next Month: The BBC Trust approved BBC Worldwide’s plan to launch a new commercial site, supported by advertising that will be visible to users outside of the UK. Director of global news Richard Sambrook said “advertising seems to be the obvious way for them to contribute to the costs of the site”, adding the BBC will ensure no conflict of interest between editorial and the advertising supply. Portions of BBC Worldwide revenue are reinvested in to domestic public service production. More after the jump…

BBC Future Media Shedding Up To 130 Jobs; iPlayer Safe; Newsroom Converging: Around 2,500 BBC staff will be made redundant over the next six years after the lower-than-hoped-for license fee settlement awarded by the UK government left it with a £2 billion ($4 billion) shortfall. The losses include up to 130 from the Future Media & Technology division and up to 370 from BBC News as the online, radio and TV newsrooms converge. While the Beeb is “scrapping proposals for new activities”, the iPlayer catch-up service and other new distribution platforms are safe and there is a key focus on digital development. Strikes are expected, however.

2 Responses to “BBC Sheds Thousands Of Jobs, Ads Get Go-Ahead”

  1. Walter Kingsley

    Dear Sir. I would like to have the job of care keeper of the coast of Australia. I am Retired and this would be an ideal job for me. I am 69 years old and i am a fast learner. How do i get to apply for the job? Please contact me by e-mail. thank you. P.S. I like to watch the BBC for me to know what is going on in the world around me. Thank you. Mr. Walter Kingsley. Is there another way that people can keep the jobs that they have. Like take salary cuts to help the other workers keep jobs.

  2. Gary Dennison

    I hate to see anybody lose their job. All the best to those that are affected by this. We have plenty of that in the USA.
    Please don't go to 20 minutes of commercial every hour like the news stations in the US do.
    Thanks for the great job the BBC does.