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Solar Thermal Trend: Ausra’s John O’Donnell leads us through the trend in utility-scale solar thermal plants — BusinessWeek.

Grid Gear: Utilities are checking out battery options to beef up the power grid — MIT Tech Review.

Power grid watchdog, we need power lines: The group that oversees North America’s power grid, the North American Electric Reliability Corp, says the full promise of clean energy requires building more power lines that can carry renewables to consumers — AP.

‘Saving the planet’ is tired: Interesting blog post on why we should change the marketing messages of the environmental movement — Guardian.

Bogus reports on organic solar cells?: “In the latest issue of Elsevier’s Materials Today Dr. Gilles Dennler of Konarka Austria GmbH and twenty other experts warn that an unseemly race to report organic solar cells (OSCs) with world record efficiencies is leading to a significant number of published papers claiming unrealistic and scientifically questionable results and performances.” — ScienceDaily.

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