Still pondering, what to take to Vegas?

Talk about something that is driving me crazy, the decision of which Tablet PC to take on my Vegas trip is keeping me going in circles!  I won’t give up anything by taking either the HP 2710p or the Fujitsu P1610 so why is this so hard to decide?  I have gone back and forth and decided today that I would take the P1610 because it’s so small and light and as such it’s a great travel companion.  I used it early this year to carry and cover the CES in Vegas and it was wonderful.  So why haven’t I made up my mind to take it already?  Syncing.  I realized today that with FolderShare not working for me right now if I take the Fuji then I will have to manually sync up my docs before leaving for Vegas and then manually sync back up to the HP when I get back.  Sure, I should quit whining and just prepare myself to do it already but I am really hesitating with this.  It’s not the effort required to sync them manually, no, it’s the concern that something will get overlooked and I will end up losing something that will bite me later.  It is critical for me to have all of my docs, especially my OneNote data on all of my Tablets.  It is so easy for something to get screwed up with manual syncing that I am very hesitant to do so.  I have mistakenly copied files the wrong way in the past and once the files are gone they can be gone forever so it’s got me thinking too much about it.  Now I am seriously thinking about just taking the HP to Vegas so I don’t have to worry about it since it’s my daily work machine.  But that Fuji is so small and perfect for traveling.  Aahhh!


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