Introducing GigaOM Facebook App, Question of the Day


OK we are joining the hype machine and rolling out our first official Facebook Widget, the GigaOM Question Of The Day. The widget has been beautifully crafted by our friends at FB Factory, one of the best Facebook app makers around, in case you’re looking for one. They have been long time readers of the blog and decided to build this gratis and for that we are very grateful.

A couple of days ago Kara Swisher was musing aloud as to what she should do with her ultra-influential network. A similar thought has crossed our minds as well, and we’ve decided that asking relevant technology questions would be a good way to get a sense of what tech insiders are really thinking.

We hope to take your answers and incorporate them into posts. Eventually, we want to turn this into a constantly updating channel on the main site. So please grab the app by clicking here. Our first question of the day: How much time and money do you spend on Facebook?



Soo I have decided to have a question of the day on my facebook status.. You guys have any good ones I just started yesterday and this is kinda harder then I thought.. I want a good question so I get good feedback.

Vishal Chordia

something similar to question app, much broader, more features and much easier to use.
checkout the Shouldi app:


Om Malik

Hey FBFactory is best practices. I hope all of you can participate and provide some solid and fun feedback.


No, I think the first question should be…”How much did you pay for that Facebook application”? That is what I want to know. How much money do I spend on Facebook? None so far, and I hope it stays that way.

FBFactory Team


We hate spam at the factory. =) Just a heads up we’re adding RSS for the questions of the day as well. Rock on Om. Thanks for the blog love.
FBFactory Team

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