First review and blog post from a Nokia N810


Mobile maven Oliver Starr of BlogNation got to spend about half an hour with a brand spanking new Nokia N810 that has been all the buzz today since its announcement.  He made what is surely the first blog post ever from an N810 and then posted a nice little review.  This is cool because we are all hungry for deets about the N810 and I was very happy to see Oliver say this:

Nokia_n810…this device is much snappier than its predecessors. Changes from oneapplication to another were lightening fast and even when I was runningmultiple browser windows (it still isn’t giving a tabbed view ofbrowser windows) as well as other applications it didn’t bog downnoticeably.

The company claims that the new device has more complete support forboth Javascript and AJAX which translates to much better functionalityfor web-based applications such as ThinkFreeOffice or Meebo browser hasbeen upgraded from a special version of Opera which shipped with theN800 to Mozilla’s new Gecko 1.90 browser which in conjunction with theaforementioned upgrades provides a significantly improved onlineexperience.

Lightning fast, that’s what he said.  :)  Let’s get these babies in our hands and see how great it is!  I must say I am disappointed to see the D-pad is on the keyboard and not on the screen bezel so it could be used without opening the keyboard.


Mike Cane

Later addition: Oh, I see they got rid of Opera! Well, there’s a freaking step in the right direction. But it’s interesting he didn’t bother to even TRY YouTube and the like.

And he can only muster “frustrating” as a descriptive for the 770? Puhleeze!!!

Mike Cane

Like I’m supposed to BELIEVE this? There are still people out there getting hard over that piece of crap the 770.




if you hold down the scroll button, it actually turns in to a scroll button, too – works on horizontal scrolling as well.


I’m really looking forward to this thing.

I think the loss of the D-pad isn’t a big deal given how poorly it was used with the N800, though — it selected links on a webpage while you were browsing rather than scrolling, and it was impossible to change that with the newer Mozilla-based browser.

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