BitTorrent Names New CEO, CTO

BitTorrent today said it has named Douglas Walker, former chief executive of Alias Systems, as its new CEO, and Eric Klinker, former chief technology of Internap (INAP), as its new CTO. Walker had previously led 3D software maker Alias’ acquisition by Autodesk (ADSK); Klinker had worked on bandwidth management at Internap. And BitTorrent inventor Bram Cohen, who had previously served as CEO but publicly came off more like the company muse, will now serve as “chief scientist.”

These management changes had been a long time in the making, and we’d mentioned them previously, but the company denied them until now. In fact, when we visited BitTorrent President Ashwin Navin (who still holds that title), the former face of the company, at BitTorrent HQ in San Francisco last week, he continued to state that no management changes were being made.

Founded in 2004, BitTorrent has faced an uphill road as a company because of all the illicit things its popular variety of decentralized peer-to-peer file-sharing had been used to do. Since then, the startup has made some friends in the entertainment industry and launched its own online content storefront. However, we think it’s finally found its true calling as a network accelerator tool, with the recent public release of BitTorrent DNA.

BitTorrent has some runway in front of it; it has $35 million dollars in venture capital. Navin said the company wasn’t raising any more funding last week, but hey, he said no new execs were coming, either. The company recently opened its first satellite office in Tokyo.