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Apple iPhone App SDK Coming in February

From the mouth of Steve Jobs himself, Apple wants third party native applications on the iPhone and is developing an SDK for Developers, to debut in February, 2008. Steve notes, in a post on Apple’s Hot News site, that the company is both trying to enable an iPhone platform, while at the same time, protect users from potential viruses and malware.

He also notes the tumult in the blogosphere and developer community about not hearing anything to now, asking, “We think a few months of patience now will be rewarded by many years of great third party applications running on safe and reliable iPhones.”

Applications written for iPhone will also work on the iPod Touch.

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10 Responses to “Apple iPhone App SDK Coming in February”

  1. I would be so pissed if Apple has all of the third party apps cost money. I’ve been debating whether to jailbreak my ipod or not. I wanted to wait until the SDK was realeased to see if Apple would have new apps cost money. That discision is whats going to point me in the right direction.

  2. I’m very positive that Apple will use iTunes as the source for downloads. The one thing I’m unsure of, is whether or not they’ll have them free or not. If not, they’re going to have an awful lot of complaints. Apple’s making enough money as it is – they don’t need to drain our pockets further.

    I hope Brandon Eley is right about them being like podcasts, but I have a feeling Apple’s not going to cooperate… Maybe they’ll have some that cost money, and some that are free. Who knows. We’ll just have to wait, see, and pray that Apple will COOPERATE with their customers for a change…

  3. I agree with Frank I think Apple will probably charge for the app downloads that they could so easily offer for free. They did it before with the $20 iPod Touch ipone programs, it also sounds right up Apples alley, always trying to make a cheep buck whenever they can.


    Thank you Steve.

    The delivery method will be iTunes. I am positive. However, just like podcasts, I don’t think that means the applications will have to cost money. As long as Apple doesn’t make it difficult for developers, I think it will be an excellent distribution model.

  5. I haven’t seen much speculation on this, but a big question is still out there — what’s the delivery mechanism going to be for these apps? My gut instinct is that Apple will sell them exclusively through iTunes like they do with ringtones and games.

    Note that the new iTunes logo on the iPhone has nothing to do with media: no music note or anything. Just a big, fat, “Down” arrow. Which means we’ll probably be able to buy apps from the iTunes Wi-Fi Store as well, I’m guessing.

    I’m not opposed to this idea, per se, but it does sort of fly in the face of having an “open” platform, if only Apple can sell applications of its choosing. Will be interesting to watch…

  6. I don’t understand this. Apple shunned Java on the iPhone. Said the web would be the app platform. Now they are building an SDK for secure, reliable apps. Wasn’t Java the platform for secure reliable mobile apps? Apple better have something good up their sleeves on this one, or they aren’t gonna get a lot of adoption of their platform.