What new iPhone features will appear on October 26th?

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LeopardJust a quick thought since it’s now official that Mac OS X 10.5 or Leopard will be available on October 26th. I figured I’d be sneaky and look at the official product page for the new OS version to see if they mention that it works with the iPhone. It doesn’t mention it but there’s a link to show what mobile devices are compatible with the Leopard version of iSync. If you have a mobile phone and a Mac, you might want to check the list. Now I realize that the iPhone uses iTunes and not iSync, so this was a dead end. Still, folks are thinking that Notes will sync and possibly Tasks. Any thoughts or guesses? What features are "missing"?

Update: Notes synching will officially be supported per Apple when discussing the new Mail features.

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Firmware 1.1.1 wasn’t the only thing Apple changed when it had to secure the fort… the JesusPhone is dead, long live the StalinPhone.

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