Wake3 to bring WebKit browser to Windows Mobile


Anyone who has used the Safari browser on the iPhone or the cool browser on the S60 platform should know that the core of these browsers is a toolkit called WebKit.  This is important because The Boy Genius Report found out that a company, Wake3, is bringing the WebKit browser to the Windows Mobile platform.  This is great news and the video that Wake3 is sharing is enough to get your Windows Mobile excitement going full time.  I can’t wait to try this browser on the HTC Advantage.  Take a look at this:




I don’t get it. What is the appeal of this browser over PIE? I didn’t see any support for zooming or eliminaing scrolling, or any more advanced technologies, like AJAX or Flash.


yes, Windows Mobile urgently needs panning support throughout all applications to get rid of the scrollbars!

Mike Cane

I don’t know how anyone can get excited over that. Geez, how little can be seen without scrollscrollscroll. Hello, get an iPhone!

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