TextExpander 2.0


TextExpander 2.0 Icon

Today SmileOnMyMac released version 2.0 of the previously covered keystroke saving TextExpander.

The new release offers a nice handful of new features/improvements, including:

  • Snippet groups (much needed)
  • Snippet group .Mac syncing
  • Snippet printing
  • Application targetting – Set certain snippets to only be active for certain apps
  • Improved application performance

Yes, that is a new icon…no, I don’t like it.



When I tried to create a snippet of a url, using the clipboard, application froze. TextExpander doesn’t do urls?


This has been a great app for me (version 1) so I immediately bought the new version yesterday.
As Josh said grouping snippets was much needed & now it’s in there I can ditch iSnip & use TextExpander for both uses. The .Mac syncing is a fantastic feature as I’m constantly switching between Macs (& just bought .Mac the other day).

I quite like the icon (at least the smaller version in the menu bar) but you can choose from a few in preferences.

I couldn’t get it working in Leopard (works fine for me in Tiger) but after contacting them they immediately sent me a link to download 2.01 which works fine for me in Leopard.

Great update.

Nick Santilli

my 1.x (latest version) hasn’t been working for at least a week now. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled, nothing. Anyone else seen this behavior? (System Prefs Pane doesn’t load)

Seems peculiar that right before version 2 drops, 1.x stops working…. It’s driving me nuts!!

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