Social.FM launches new Windows Mobile, Symbian client for audio streaming


Screen_nowplayingWe told you it was coming and it’s here: Social.FM just released their newest streaming audio client for Windows Mobile (PDF) and now Symbian as well (PDF), shown here. Social.FM is the company formerly known as Mercora, which is not to be confused with the artist formerly known as Prince. Well, unless they come up with some archaic he / she sign to represent the new name. The new client is free to download and use during a trial period through the end of November; after that it’s $19.95 a year to access remotely music on your home PC or a friend’s collection, listen to digital radio, or podcasts. Microsoft employees get a special benefit as they all get free subscriptions, bypassing the $19.95 yearly fee.

When I last tried the service, I found it to work quite well, even over EDGE. Now that there’s a Symbian client, I’ll have to pop out my iPhone SIM and give Social.FM a shot with a Nokia handheld.


Filip Norrgård

I tried downloading the S60 client, but apparently the download link is only accessible through an SMS link… I wonder why exactly? Furthermore, it seems like the SMS can only be delivered to US carriers and no-one else… :(

Anyone spot a link to the installation file(s) for S60 devices on the site? Please let me know if you do…

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