Live free, die hard, watch on your handheld


BrucewillisThis could be an interesting new trend: Twentieth Century Fox will be including a DRM-free version of the "Live Free or Die Hard" movie on a special release of the DVD movie. You’ll be able to watch the regular DVD version on your standard DVD player, but disc two will have an electronic version of the movie for use on a computer or Plays For Sure portable device. No need to do what I do, which is use Handbrake to re-encode movies for handhelds. You simply pop the disc in a PC, enter a 16-digit code found in the DVD box and the file is transferred to the destination or supported device of your choice. Fox is calling this feature "Digital Copy" and expects to include it with other releases in the future.



How is that DRM free? If it only plays on Plays for Sure players (Microsoft), I wonder if it will play on my iPhone? My mp4s play perfectly!

Aaron J. Walker

Every movie should come like this.

It’s a great way for studios to prevent “piracy” (as if folks who are bent on doing wrong will not do it anyway?) for all the honest customers out there.

Why would I want to look for a copy of the movie on a P2P if I know I’ve got a pristine digital copy of the movie for download myself? (Assuming again, I’m an honest customer.)

The PSP community has been asking for something like this for UMD Movies (purchase a regular DVD from Sony, have the UMD movie included).

This is a whole lot better.


I saw this option advertised for the next Harry Potter movie on DVD. Was somewhat excited then, but now it’s for a movie I actually want. That’s awesome! Live free, indeed.

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