iTunes Plus tracks subtract DRM-free tax: $.99 tunes coming?

DollarstoreThink that the DRM-free music store that Amazon recently launched went unnoticed by *cough* Apple *cough*, I mean competing online music retailers? Word out of Infinite Loop, the blog not the place, is that iTunes Plus is about to drop the DRM-free, single track price from $1.29 to $.99, which is the same price as the DRM protected tracks. Come to think of it: why is it called iTunes Plus when it technically doesn’t add anything but really subtracts the DRM? I guess iTunes Minus didn’t cut the mustard with the marketing folks… anyway: DRM and DRM-free tracks at the same price is all good to me. No truth to the rumors that Dollar Stores everywhere will carry digital downloads, but hey, that’s a million dollar marketing idea, no?


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