Asus Eee PC: info on all four models


AsuseeepcWe’ve seen the Asus Eee PC coming for some time: all the bits and pieces are coming together now and you can catch the different configurations on the official product page. The four models will generally look the same but of course the innards will vary in terms of SSD storage, memory and battery life. The two higher priced units offer 4GB and 8GB of storage respectively plus an integrated web-cam and 5200 mAh 4-cell battery rated at 3.5 hours. The two Surf models have 4GB and 2GB of storage, no web-cam and a 4400 mAh battery giving you 2.8 hours of juice. All have integrated 802.11b/g wireless functionality, come with Linux installed and can be used for Windows XP; could be less than optimal on the lowest model that has only 256 MB of RAM. Still, not a bad little portable at around a kilogram, but bear in mind that the Eee PC uses the same 7-inch, 800 x 480 screen we saw in the first generation UMPCs. For the audience that Asus is targeting I think that will be more than enough; looks like a great first laptop for the younglings.

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I can’t wait til these are released. Then I’m leaving the macbook pro at home and this will be my road warrior. What’s the cost and when will the be available for purchase?

Mike Cane

Younglings my eye! The people drooling over this baby are well over voting age. Me included.

Future headline: Grade schooler mugged by hackrr for Eee PC

Ha! Get a job, kid.

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