600 MHz Kohjinsha SH6: good price vs. performance trade

Whitekohjinshash6_2Tablet PC Review has an in-depth look at the relatively low priced Kohjinsha SH6 with 600 MHz CPU. For $770, the reviewer got a solid little performer. Is it me or are the Kohji’s seeming to be working well with the A100 and A110 processors when compared with other devices using the same chipset? Honestly, I was surprised and impressed by Michael Connick’s Kohji, but he did have the RAM upgraded to 2 GB. No such upgrade at Tablet PC Review: 1 GB seemed to work well unless there were numerous applications open; numerous being ten. Hmm… if I read one more positive review on these guys, I just might have to get some playtime of my own with one. Meanwhile, you can do what I do: live vicariously through the reviews. ;)


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