Earnings: Yahoo Execs Focus On Progress, Setting Expectations


Updated: We ran into some audio problems at the start so want to backfill a bit with comments from CEO Jerry Yang now that I’ve had a chance to catch up. Yang opened the call with an explanation about the 100-day review, resulting changes and where Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO) is headed. At the core, it’s about going back to basics — Yahoo as “the starting point for the most consumers on the Internet” — but with all the Web 2.0 frills. Yang: “We have … three big, multi-year strategic objectives that will be the core of everything we do at Yahoo! for the next few years. First, become the starting point for the most consumers on the Internet; second, establish Yahoo! as the must buy for the most advertisers; third, deliver industry-leading platforms that attract the most developers.”

The home page, mail, search, MyYahoo are the top starting points with mobile gaining in importance. Other ares that make Yahoo a starting point have emerged: category leaders Yahoo Finance, Sports, and News. And others are being dropped. Yang: “As part of this prioritization framework, there are services that don

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