$2,990 mobile toolkit: where’s the kitchen sink?

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Mobileshop_outline_glow_2I’ve seen mobile toolkits before but get a load of this one! And it IS a load, which is why it has wheels on it. I still don’t think I could move it but I am working out more these days, so who knows. The Mobile Shop has no less than 4,000 parts, fasteners and pieces for you to lug around, so you’d better be sure you need a bunch of tools before you even consider this. Then again at less than a buck a part, it might be a good deal for you "Tim the Toolman" types. I’ll stick with my small six screwdriver set for PCs even though I’ve already lost two of the screwdrivers…

(via TRFJ)

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I own one of these, and it is one of the best investments I’ve ever made. It is very easy to get around and I always have what I need. I get a lot more done and I dont have to plan jobs, run back and forth to the hardware store etc. My time is valuable, particularly when I’m home, Mobile Shop makes every weekend better for me.

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