Xpenser Tracks Your Expenses

xpenser logoEver come back from a business trip with a purse (or wallet) full of receipts and notes scribbled on napkins and no clear recollection of which expense was for what? That’s the problem that Xpenser aims to solve by making it simple to note each expense as you incur it. You’ll still need that pocket full of paper to keep your accountant happy, but at least you can print out the accompanying report (or export it as a CSV file) with relatively little pain.

The key here is ease of use. After the usual two-step signup with email confirmation, you’ll have an Xpenser account. The next step is to tell it about the ways that you’ll be sending expenses in. You can send expenses by e-mail, instant message, SMS or text message, web posting, or even voice (via integration with Jott). With all those ways to send expenses in, it’s pretty sure that you’ll be able to submit them as soon as you incur them.

For Xpenser, an expense consists of a date, a type, an amount, and notes. You can edit all of these through the web interface, and group them into expense reports. You can access past expense reports and track their status through the submission process. That’s about it – but that’s about all you need for expense tracking, besides the inevitable paper. If you’re in a small enough company that you’re not trapped by a standard corporate expense report form, this one is worth a look.


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