Verizon FIOS mobile DVR scheduling hands on: Zatz Not Funny!


Fiosmobile2I’ve been watching Verizon FIOS subscriber numbers grow by leaps and bounds over the past year as more channels and services get added. One service that’s a must for me is remote scheduling with a DVR; if I forget to set up a recording at home, I want to be able to set it while I’m on the road because you can never have too many Hannah Montana shows to watch with the kids, right? That Miley Cyrus just kills me…

In the past I’ve used Microsoft’s MSN Remote Record service with a Media Center PC for this purpose, but what’s a Verizon FIOS customer to do? Dave Zatz got a look at their newest client in the works: from a cell phone you can set a recording, delete existing recordings, and adjust parental controls. That could come in handy when you’re the road and the kids are not having a party at home. Better yet: Verizon is working on the addition of voice search for the client; a nice way to leverage the phone capabilities!

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