Piper Jaffray- ultra-portable Mac “likely”

The discussion of an ultra-portable device from Cupertino just won’t fade and is now picking up some credible backing.  Investment bank Piper Jaffray’s analysts are claiming that Apple will either build an ultra-portable MacBook in the 10 to 11-inch screen range or a device similar to what we’ve been saying we think Apple should do, a handheld PC slightly bigger than the iPhone.

The ultraportable device could arrive in the form of an extensionto the Cupertino-based firm’s MacBook family of notebooks, Munstersaid, with a full keyboard and small screen of approximately 10 to 11inches. Such an offering would be "a logical addition" to the Macplatform, he added, as any notebook with a more compact form-factorthan the current 13-inch MacBooks would help Apple continue its sharegains in the portable space, especially in Asia where UMPCs are morepopular relative to other markets.

Alternatively, the analyst said, Apple is likely focusing a chunk ofits R&D development efforts on the multi-touch technology used inthe iPhone. He said an ultraportable product from this category wouldlikely be a tablet device similar to, but slightly larger than, the iPhone.

(via Apple Insider)


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