Palm Centro gets another glowing review

Palmcentroreview03cThe Palm Centro review units are making the rounds and therefore, so are the first hands-on reviews. I opted to read and highlight Andrew’s first look at the Centro over at Treonauts; as a long-time Palm user and site owner, I think he provides a fairly balanced look at all things Palm. I know people keep commenting on the small device size and tiny, cramped keyboard but Andrew finds it very usable.

I like the fact that Pocket Tunes Deluxe is bundled with the Centro since that allows it to compete with other handhelds as a solid digital audio player. Andrew agrees and notes that the back speaker is extremely loud; great for pairing with Pocket Tunes Deluxe if you don’t want to wear a headset while jammin’ out! I think Palm just might have a $99 winner here and they’ll capture a bigger smartphone audience than folks initially expected. It won’t save the company by itself, but it’s a step in the right direction; now if they could just get their new Linux OS device out the door before the end of 2008 as planned… that would go a LONG way towards helping.


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