Intel plans new chip for ultra-low cost notebooks

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OlpcI’m already on the edge of my seat waiting for Silverthorne UMPCs and now Intel has to go and announce more new chip plans. Looks like April will bring a new low-cost CPU architecture to compete with AMD’s Geode offering that will power the OLPC device. I’m a little surprised that Intel considers OLPC a whole market segment considering they’re already targeting the UMPC and MID markets. Is the OLPC in between those two? I don’t know that there’s much room in between those niche markets to begin with, but I won’t claim to know Intel’s business better than they do.

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Mike Cane

You are forgetting the New Gorilla On The Block: Asus’s Eee PC. It has gotten a ONE-MILLION UNIT order from a developing country.

Welcome to the new future.

Thank you, Asus!

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