How much of a performance increase will 64-bit Leopard bring?

Although I’m not in the camp that has major issues with Vista on mobile devices, I am very curious about the other side of the fence. Namely, how will performance increase on my 2.33 GHz Core 2 Duo MacBook Pro due to Leopard when it releases later this month? Yes, I’m making an assumption here: I’m stating that performance will increase, which is the opposite experience many folks have had with Vista. Let’s consider this brief post a conversation starter, because I don’t have all the answers (although I am looking for them).

The reason I’m making the leap that my MBP performance will increase is because Leopard is a 64-bit operating system with 32-bit app and driver compatibility; I could well be wrong there, so set me straight. Only one version of Leopard will be available, which is very different from Vista’s discrete 32- and 64-bit versions. Granted, any expected performance boost would like come from true 64-bit apps only and folks running on older CPUs (i.e.: non-Core 2 Duos) will be stuck in 32-bit mode. How about it Mac knowledgable: are my expectations unreasonable or is there more juice left in this Apple? If I am right: what’s the expected impact on battery life?


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