Going to Vegas, what device to take?


I am getting excited as the missus and I are leaving for a long weekend break in Las Vegas towared the end of this week.  I love Vegas as it’s perfect for a total escape from reality and that’s what I need right now.  Of course I have to take a mobile PC with me or I’d go crazy.  The two in the running are the new HP 2710p Tablet PC and the Fujitsu P1610 Tablet PC.  Either one will do a good job keeping me sane while I’m in Lost Wages so I have to decide which one to take?

I’m leaning on the P1610 as it’s so small and light it’s great for traveling.  It’s a full Tablet PC so I’m not giving anything up if I take it on the trip.  On the other hand the HP 2710p is a speed demon in a great form that I love to use.  It has the super thin extra battery that will travel well and if I decided to I could even take the super thin dock too.  They’ll both travel in my gear bag attached to the 2710p as I demonstrated in the unboxing video.  That would be cool to have the dock for quick charging and also have access to the DVD drive if needed.  So which one to take?  What a great dilemma to have, no?



James, I say you sneak the P1610 since its very small but yet powerfull enough to do your work. Also use your iPod for your music listening. The P1610 would be perfect for this trip since its very portable.


the 2710p – otherwise you’ll have regrets, which is not good on a vacation.

ofcourse, your wife is always right and you should take the opportunity to spend more time with her than with inanimate objects.

Cody B

Just remember, if you gamble all of your money away. Pawn the wife, not the gadgets!

I’m just kidding (but serious keep the gadgets jk).

James Kendrick

I should clarify something. Yes, it’s a vacation. I intend to bring one device along for entertainment purposes, music listening, ink crossword (my favorite), ebook reading. I may write stuff too, you have to understand that I love to write and it’s relaxing for me, at least tech writing. You won’t catch me doing work work in Vegas, but tech writing is not work. :)


I would take the fujitsu P1610. It is what you like to use around the house. If i recall it is what you took to the convention and like it for cramped conditions.


Joshua A. Hall


Well it could be worse for the missus. On one 13 hour non-stop HKG to LAX return flight, via an aged 747-400, I witnessed a wife trying to settle her three children into economy seats three rows back while fielding questions about: where is Daddy? Mom patiently explained that Daddy was up front in Business class. :-)

And yes, it was 13 hours of sheer hell for everyone; except Daddy…

My own flight to escape reality kit presently consists of:
Bose Quiet Comfort 2 headphones in their carry case with iPhone adaptor.
Sony PRS-505 slid into the back flap of the Bose carry case.
Bottle of water (sized to length of flight).

If you can’t go a long weekend with out a computer you need to seek medical care, or a new wife. :-)

John in Norway

Do what I did when I went on my two-week holiday – take the OQO 02. It’s perfect for traveling. (Didn’t know traveling only had one l).

Was I dreaming or did you get an OQO for review? Will there be a review or did I miss it?

James Kendrick

DaveNerborie, The 2710p brings no compromises at all, it’s the best Vista notebook I have used. The P1610 is easier to travel with, but barely.

The Wife, sure, you’re bringing your Tablet but not me? Yeah right.

The Wife

Kevin-I knew I liked you. You too Greg. Dave-not so sure. The correct answer was nothing! Look, I’m taking my tablet. If you’re really good I’ll give you some tablet time. Other than that – the goal is TO.GET.AWAY!!!!! Love you.


Easy: The p1610.

Both devices insist on you making big-time usability compromises in both slate and notebook”modes. You might as well bring the one that’s easier to travel with.

Greg Hughes

Seriously? Take none of them. For real. Seriously. Did I mention I was serious about this?

Or, if it’s indulgence you’re asking for (heheheh…), take whichever one hits the ground last when you throw them in the air. I recommend using a king sized bed for this “test.”

Kevin C. Tofel

Just for the record: I told him that he’s going on vacation and shouldn’t take ANY mobile device. ;) I just survived my 20th H.S. Reunion weekend with only the iPhone. You know, just in case somebody called. Or e-mailed. Or….oh never mind.

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