Going to Vegas, what device to take?

I am getting excited as the missus and I are leaving for a long weekend break in Las Vegas towared the end of this week.  I love Vegas as it’s perfect for a total escape from reality and that’s what I need right now.  Of course I have to take a mobile PC with me or I’d go crazy.  The two in the running are the new HP 2710p Tablet PC and the Fujitsu P1610 Tablet PC.  Either one will do a good job keeping me sane while I’m in Lost Wages so I have to decide which one to take?

I’m leaning on the P1610 as it’s so small and light it’s great for traveling.  It’s a full Tablet PC so I’m not giving anything up if I take it on the trip.  On the other hand the HP 2710p is a speed demon in a great form that I love to use.  It has the super thin extra battery that will travel well and if I decided to I could even take the super thin dock too.  They’ll both travel in my gear bag attached to the 2710p as I demonstrated in the unboxing video.  That would be cool to have the dock for quick charging and also have access to the DVD drive if needed.  So which one to take?  What a great dilemma to have, no?


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