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DRM-Free Tracks From iTunes on Tuesday?

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It appears that we may be hearing from Apple in a few hours, on the topic of DRM-Free digital music downloads. Details seem to indicate that the EMI tracks that have historically been available for $1.29 without any copy protection, will drop to the normal $.99 price point. Along with EMI, some Indie labels are expected to join the movement. For all those vehemently opposed to digital music with copy protection baked-in, this is another step in the right direction.

Via Daring Fireball

One Response to “DRM-Free Tracks From iTunes on Tuesday?”

  1. Gee, how long until a bunch of whiners start suing Apple to make them refund the price difference of $1.49 tracks they’ve already purchased?

    As for whether or not tracks I buy contain DRM, I don’t really care.