Breaking news- Motorola and Sony Ericsson to jointly own UIQ

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In a surprise move today Motorola and Sony Ericsson announced joint ownership of the UIQ operating system based on Symbian.  UIQ is the OS used on Sony Ericsson smartphones and the announcement indicates that the two cell phone giants intend for UIQ to be a vendor-independent open platform for cell phones. 

UIQ Technology licenses the UIQ open user interface and development platform to mobile phone vendors around the world.  Motorola and Sony Ericsson are committed to further advancing UIQ as a strong, independent cross-vendor user interface for smartphones and media-centric phones.  Today’s announcement should be seen as an invitation to other mobile device vendors to participate in the UIQ community, either as shareholders or licensees.

Motorola and Sony Ericsson also plan to significantly increase their cooperation and support for the UIQ developer program.

Things just heated up in the mobile phone OS space and this can only be a good thing for we consumers.

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Cody B

I had a Sony Ericsson T510 in college. I loved the OS, it was very customizable.

A neat feature was Bluetooth network games. Nothing like playing a game of mini golf with 3 or 4 guys during class. It also had games like chess and checkers. It was the only OS I have seen that used.

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