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YouTube To Launch India Site: Report

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I’m not sure of what to make of this story in the Hindustan Times, which quotes Shashi Seth, Head of Monetization at YouTube as saying that the company is planning to launch YouTube India – – between Jan and March 2008. The site will host Indian content – movie trailers, music videos, independent films and TV content, which otherwise “gets lost in this sea of videos.”

Looks like HT didn’t check – both and are already registered…so I wonder how credible this news is. That aside, I wonder what will become of YouTube clones in India – the likes of,, aapkavideo, videodubba, metubes, videochutney and dekhona among several thousand others (mild exaggeration).

P.s.: do check out some clips from Goodness Gracious Me at YouTube. :)

9 Responses to “YouTube To Launch India Site: Report”

  1. Satindra Narulla

    I have produced, written and directed a film kahani ek raat ki [story of one night] Dauration one hour duly cenosred with u certifcate, which also won best short Film award at Rome International festival. now i want to give it to the likes of you tube. If you tube is starting operations in India, Its indeed a very good news. Now please let me know how to go about it, or guide me at [email protected]. SATINDRA NARULLA

  2. Registering domain names does not equate with launching a full-fledged operation. The Google guys in Delhi have already tied up with several Indian content providers to launch India-related content. About the segregation of content, it is easy to see the benefits. When you want to read Google News, you (as in, an Indian news consumer) would much rather go to than, which is America centric. Of course, the user makes the final choice, but the important thing is — there IS choice. YouTube's India site will be no different in that sense.

  3. If you are looking for video and social networking site focused on Indian movies and TV shows, checkout This site launched last month and is growing pupular very rapidly among Indian diaspora worldwide.

  4. Fail to understand the full benefit for the segregation of Indian content. It can never really happen….. most of the content will find its way to youtube global and a lot of content from there will be on youtube india….thus resulting in redundancy and lack of differentiation.

    Additionally youtube global would hold a larger reservoir of content , why would i then search on the indian version if :-

    1.The search results are more extensive on youtube ,
    2. I would get most of the content available the indian site ,on youtube global as well

  5. Surely what is being said is absolutely correct but we can surely leeway the fact that a company as big as Youtube has the capacity to buy out the domain and in regards to competetion it can easily overcome due to its mass appeal and larger audience base… Cheers!