One Response to “AOL To Lay Off 2000 Out of Its 10K Employees”

  1. Happy Igotout

    Oh Ron,
    What have you done?
    You've screwed the pooch,
    and in turn screwed everyone.

    Randy, Jeff had high hopes,
    For you to build off Miller's coat (tails)
    But you had no clue,
    And now AOL's broke.

    There was a strategy,
    Now there's none,
    The future hope and dreams,
    They've all gone.

    Yet Jeff sit's in his ivory tower,
    The board gave him the nod and the wink,
    They're giving him all the power,
    And the industry and wall street thinks that stinks.

    Ohhh Rondy what will you do,
    Soon Jeff will need a lamb,
    To cover up what he has screwed,
    And we all think and hope it'll be you.