Time for Software Code to go Green


[qi:_earth2tech] Virtualization and on-demand computing are giving companies new reasons to worry about code efficiency. Once upon a time, lousy coding didn’t matter. Computing costs didn’t grow linearly with the amount of processing consumed by badly written code. But that has changed now. Three big changes – virtualization is helping consolidation of server infrastructures, power is the limiting factor for many data centers and lastly, Software as a Service, has gone mainstream. These three changes mean that bad code matters. Continue Reading to find out why.



Just about time this was brought up!

Can’t get any “greener”, have we gone back to the old client/server age, with such constraints as:

  • Assembly based object code gneration (As opposed to inefficient, CPU hungry technologies such as Java, interpreters, and multi layers of “modern age” technologies relying on them (Ajax, etc…)

  • Binary Protocols (As opposed to CPU hungry text bases protocols & technologies such as HTML, XML)…

We just can’t expect to go both Web 2.0 and Green!

Emile Bourquin

Bad code always mattered to good engineers. I came for the embedded software space, and there is no faster way to get a healthy respect for code efficiency than writing software for an underpowered platform with limited memory, that the customer expects to perform miracles.

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