Samsung/ Bang & Olufsen launch the Serenata

We first starting hearing last month about a smartphone being launched by a partnership with Samsung and adio king Bang & Olufsen through a viral web site that teased more than providing any real information.  Reader Paul Shadwell let me know this morning that the web site is now divvying up the goods on this great looking new phone, the Serenata.  Take a look at this baby:


The specs are pretty impressive with an emphasis on 3G, wireless access, PIM synchronization and of course, music playing:


The intriguing part of the Serenata is the lack of a keypad of any type, instead all entries are apparently made via a wheel on the front:


The inclusion of an integrated stand is designed to make conference calls easier with the Serenata:


Heck, just go see it for yourself, it’s one of the most entertaining product web sites I’ve seen in a while.  There’s music so it may not be SFW.


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