Be An Eco-Blogger for A Day

If Al Gore is the Nobel Peace Prize-winning embodiment of technology and the environment, the growing masses of eco-bloggers — bloggers waxing on all things earth-friendly — represent the intersection of broadband and the environmental movement. At no other time has the barrier to blogging and sharing your opinion online been so low, while the interest in fighting climate change and protecting the planet been so high.

A coincidence? I don’t think so. Both can thank, in part, broadband. The connections are getting cheaper, more accessible, and “always on;” it’s also pretty clear how broadband has been changing journalism and traditional media. And the recent media frenzy, particularly online, around “green issues” has been spurred on by the rise of participatory web media, and increased transparency online. People are eager to blog about issues they are passionate about — like a ticking time bomb called climate change.

All of which has brought us to this point: It’s the easiest time in history for you to be an eco-blogger. If we all did a little eco-blogging and made others aware of the challenges facing us, perhaps there will be some change. Awareness of the problem could just be the right first step. If you’re interested in participating, lucky for you a group of bloggers has declared Monday Blog Action Day. If you have a blog, write a post about the environment and join the 15,000 blogs that have said they will join.


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