10 New New Secret Questions

[qi:006] Have you ever wondered why the “secret questions” on everything from your bank account to email account all have a certain bland quality to them? Where were you born? What was your first school? Bo-ring.

We think it’s time for question writers to get a creative and come up with some more contemporary queries. We are seeding with 10 suggestions, but feel free to blog on your own site (TAG: Secret Questions) and link back here. Or just go nuts in our comments.

* How many stock options do you have? (How many are worth anything?)
* Who was your first online date? (Which service was it through?)
* What is your World of Warcraft name?
* What was the name of your first startup?
* What is your Facebook username?
* What was your first email address?
* What is your Google Page rank?
* When was the first time (year) you used Google?
* How many IM accounts do you have?
* When was the last time you went out on a date?

Bonus secret question (and answer):

* How many pounds have you lost since YouTube got acquired and you had to eat crow? 22 (18 to go.)