I got a new MacBook Pro today- firmware update


Apple_logoOK, I didn’t get a new MacBook Pro device but today Apple sent me a new firmware update so the brains in my MBP is brand new.  The firmware update brings the firmware up to version 1.4 and the following improvements:

About MacBook Pro EFI Firmware Update 1.4
This update improves the performance and reliability of Intel Core 2Duo processors and fixes issues with Boot Camp for MacBook Procomputers.

I don’t use Boot Camp as I prefer Parallels Desktop but I do have a Core 2 Duo processor so the update applies to my MBP.  The update process went as expected and only took about 5 minutes.  The very first Firefox session after the update hung up with the dual processor graph showing that one of the two processors was maxing out at 100% so here’s hoping the update didn’t introduce this.  It’s never happened to me before so this might not be good.  I had to move over to a Windows box to do this post.  :)



MacFixit.com, MacInTouch.com and accelerateyourmac.com will be bookmarks essential keeping up with the world of Apple updates. Trust me.

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