First looks at the Dell Latitude XT Tablet PC leaked


A French web site has leaked what look to be genuine hi-res photos of the upcoming Dell Tablet PC and claim a launch date of November 5.  In addition to the photos they found what looks like a PR animation of the screen swiveling:


Having a close look at these photos it appears to me that the Dell may be slightly thicker than the HP 2710p.  The Dell does look surprisingly like the HP in form although much uglier with its black boxy design.  Dell did seem to put a jog dial on the screen which I have stated I wish HP had done with the 2710p so the XT is definitely looking very interesting at this point.  Maybe Dell will share some info about this hotly-awaited Tablet with jkOTR.

(via engadget)



Do you really thing Dell doesn’t play the ODM game?

group hug

Paul J Shadwell

I’m disapointed, has anyone noticed that this looks nothing like the device taht appeared in the leaked Dell video. That tablet looked like it was based on the D430 which is elegant and thin and lightweight.

Chris K

I find it funny that people are slamming what this system has under the hood. It actually blows away the 12.1″ WXGA laptop from Dell, that D430. Core 2 Duo, up to 3GB RAM…

Tablets have long suffered as the lower-spec systems in most manufacturer’s stables, opting to cut costs in order to pay for the digitizer and the swivel hinge. I’m actually pretty happy that this isn’t just a Dell tablet, but an extension of the entire Latitude line, with enough horsepower to handle the added workload of the tablet functions.


Personally I think it looks ace, I much prefer grey/black to the slightly tacky silver, especially as IME it’s much more hard-wearing. Also, the lack of a scroll key on the side of anything else has made the TC1100 the ultimate tablet PC for me at the moment. Its great just being able to kick back on the couch with the TC1100, read some news, a book or something else without needing a pen.
It’s a pitty that it’s not a pure slate, but I can live with having that keyboard permanently attacked. I mean, really, how can can it be to have a pure slate with a side scroll function and a nice flat screen with a digitiser? ;)


I’ll pass too since I already have a tablet. I can’t have it all…sadly…

Dell helps drive competition in pricing IMO. Hope to see more people more adopting to this.

Aaron J. Walker

While any new tablet is a good tablet, I still can’t help but wonder why Dell hasn’t listened to the numerous discussions about the lack of innovation in tablet pc design.

This really looks like another “us too” design to me when they could have made their entrance into the arena a little more noteworthy.

Now, we’ll all get to say “My Tablet is made by Dell” but it doesn’t look any different than anybody else’s tablet at the moment.

I’m not saying it needs to come in hot pink or anything, but I do believe you can cater to the business market AND have a stylish looking machine, ala the Toshiba R400. Business but business done with style. (No need to mention it’s less than stellar specs)

If Dell wants me to buy this tablet just because their name is on it instead of offering something even a little different in the Tablet PC market, then I’m going to take a pass.


I don’t mind the look of this either when it’s in slate mode. I think it looks kinda cool because of it’s boxiness. Having said that, the 2710p is a really good looking laptop.


What’s that stick thing that comes out after the stylus has been removed?

For myself, I wouldn’t ever buy a Dell. I had the misfortune to buy and Inspiron 3700 once. A lovely machine to use at the start, but crippled by a couple of serious design flaws that countless other buyers also experienced. I still feel bitter about it. Lots of money, straight down the drain.



You know, I’ve heard a lot of complaints about the way this thing looks… too “square” and “boxy” … but to be honest, I think that makes it look very professional.

I’m still not impressed by the ULV CPU or ATI graphics, but then again no Tablet vendor has spent much time improving either spec (aside from the discontinued Toshiba Tecra M4). Otherwise, this system doesn’t seem too bad from images and spec sheets.

That said, I can’t wait to get my hands on a demo unit.

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