Announcing the NewTeeVee Live Schedule

I apologize to all of you about writing so rarely during the last couple weeks, but I’ve been spending crazy amounts of time working on our NewTeeVee Live conference, to be held November 14 in San Francisco. Today we posted our tentative schedule for the event. There are obviously some gaps to fill in the next couple weeks, but we’re pretty thrilled about what we’ve nailed down so far.

Time Title/Description Moderator Panelists/Speakers
7:30 AM

Registration and Continental Breakfast

8:15 AM

Opening Remarks

8:30 AM



8:45 AM



Ralph de la Vega AT&T
9:30 AM

Crossover Hits

Web video meets TV

How do your parents know when your viral video makes it big? When they turn on the telly and see you on the “Today Show” or “Good Morning America”? But how are the definitions of success changing? How is traditional television acknowledging its fragmented and no longer passive audience?

10:15 AM

Is There Money in Long Tail Video?

Advertising tries to wrap its mind around web video

Online video advertising companies are fighting for the right to be middlemen. Beyond the pre-roll, how do you pay the bills? What role will relevancy, performance payments, behavioral targeting, networks, product placement, new formats like overlays, standards, and viewer participation play?

Jeremy Liew Lightspeed Venture Partners
11:00 AM


Check Out The Exhibitors
11:30 AM

Cash for Content?

Online video funders from top VC firms sound off

VCs didn’t fund “Top Gun” or “Will & Grace.” So why are they placing bets on “Wallstrip” and JibJab? We ask the people who control the purse strings what makes online video worth opening them up.

Michael Copeland Fortune
12:15 PM

Search and Discovery Face Off

Finding what you’re looking for, or what you aren’t

Too many videos, too little time. Do we need to know what we’re looking for when seek video content? If so, who or what will guide us? Humans? Algorithms? What makes various providers stand out — ease of interface, size of index, community features, or something else? Five competitors make their pitches.

Liz Gannes NewTeeVee
1:00 PM


Content Lunch Option

Peer-to-peer networking lunch

2:00 PM


CBS Interactive

Quincy Smith President
2:30 PM

The Network Makeover

The real power behind web video

The online video boom is driving a new cycle of infrastructure upgrades, boosting demand for everything from routers to storage to bandwidth. How long will the boom last? Whose margins will blow up and who will become a commodity provider? And when are online watchers finally going to get HD video?

Om Malik GigaOM
3:15 PM

Mininote Conversation


Liz Gannes NewTeeVee Jeff Berman MySpace TV
3:45 PM

The New Studios and Talent Agencies Face Off

What can content startups offer independent creators?

Talented people aren’t always entrepreneurial (the reverse is also true). What kind of production and distribution chops are compelling enough for independent creators to sign away some of their profits and possibly their intellectual property to an online video studio? What is the value of a network? Five competitors make their pitches.

Kent Nichols Ask a Ninja
4:30 PM


Check Out The Exhibitors
5:00 PM



Dan’l Lewin
5:15 PM

New Media Platforms

What’s the future of media consumption?

NewTeeVee means watching videos anywhere, anytime, in any format. From your phone to your computer to your living room set to inside your social network, it’s a mad mad video world. How will the content and the platforms have to adjust to fit one another?

Dana Settle Greycroft Partners
6:00 PM



6:15 PM

Closing Remarks

6:30 PM

Networking Reception

Enjoy cocktails, food, networking and entertainment.

7:30 PM

Special Entertainment


STARVING ARTIST ALERT: If you are an independent video creator and would like to attend NewTeeVee Live, we will have a limited number of sponsored tickets available. To apply, please send me an email (my first name with links to your videos and a paragraph about why you’d like to attend. We will be extending special consideration to people who commit to blogging or vlogging about the event. You will have to cover your travel expenses, but your admission price will be free or close to free.

If you earn a regular paycheck, we’d still love for you to join us; please purchase your ticket here.