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The Business Information Landscape, Online

This chart below from a WSJ story is very instructive…serves as a good discussion point for our upcoming FOBM conference as well:

One interesting data point there: “Fortune, which has bundled its Web offering with corporate sibling CNNMoney, has been profitable on the Web. Last year CNNMoney’s profit totaled about $20 million, according to a person familiar with the situation, and is expected to rise by about 70% this year.”

2 Responses to “The Business Information Landscape, Online”

  1. NetRatings, the source of the website data in the chart, is known to have bad data at times and it looks to be the case in this instance. For instance,'s traffic and unique users has not only been in a consistent upswing for the past two yrs, but the absolute number of uniques reported by NetRatings is off by more than half (i.e. they have over 5MM monthlies). As a result, I'm not sure I'd rely on these too much. The Businessweek Online numbers may also be off.

  2. Am I reading this right, it looks as though the one that is showing the most significant drop in all aspects is BusinessWeek, which would certainly confirm your subheading that business magazines are facing increasing competition.