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Mobile Advertising Company mginger Funded By NEA IndoUS Ventures

You’re reading this here first: Contentsutra has learned from reliable sources that Gingersoft Media, the company which runs a permission based mobile advertisement service mginger, has received an undisclosed amount of funding from NEA IndoUS Ventures. We contacted mginger CEO Chaitanya Nallan (after several attempts), but he refused to confirm or deny the news. He also refused to divulge whether other VC funds apart from NEA IndoUS are involved in the funding. As per industry sources, NEA has invested around $2 million in mginger, at a valuation of around $5 million. Other sources concur, saying that NEA was looking at a deal size of around $2-3 million.

Many, including me, have doubted the mginger model of paying users (details here) to receive advertisements by SMS – would advertisers find value in paying users to receive SMS’? How can they be sure that the messages are read? The institution of the Do-Not-Call registry in India, for which around 6.5 million mobile users have signed up already, has opened up an opportunity for permission based mobile advertising companies. Many have told me over the past couple of weeks that the model is now gathering steam and advertisers are signing up. Others in this domain include,,,, among others. There are three different types of permission based advertising models – the first, like mginger, pays users to accept advertisements; the second, like 160by2, allows users to send SMS’ for free, with a part of the text message used for adverts, while the third, like MyToday follows the publishing/newsletter model wherein users request content or alerts, and ads are sent along with the message.

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  3. Hey thats one comprehensive article. Quoting the concluding statement of Richa Vij the author, "…But the fact of the matter is that not only is there an absence of a clear winner, solid business models are even harder to come by."

    Is it that complicated to come up with a good business model? Has any of the 'M' companies tried to tell us "join us because we get you the best offers"???? It would be a good combination of Pull-n-Push marketing.

    Why make your model convoluted when it can be simple and effective?

    Or may be iam wired wrongly :) One of the core values of my company states "Common sense precedes creativity"

  4. @ Edge, it makes perfect business sense that way… i agree. But the value proposition as conveyed to us (subscribers) by mginger and similar companies is NOT "useful/helpful/relevant/desired/timely ads on mobile", but "you get money to receive SMSes".

    Hence my logic that this proposition would attract parasites rather that loyal customers.

    To attract loyal customers, your value proposition should be like 'valuable or useful information channel'. As a subscriber of mginger, I see the value in money part not information part. Hope it makes sense.

    By the way my favorite mginger look-alike is MGARLIC!! Ha Ha Ha… :)) man its hilarious. You know when this "industry" consolidates we'll get a mobile marketing giant called MCURRY :))

  5. @ shibi : You are doing Chinese Mathematics . just like every person on road is not an possible prospect for Amway similarly everyone with cell phone is not a potential client for companies like mginger.

    now as far as value of advertisement are concerned . well its hard not to glance a SMS before reading it . very few of us will do it . its just 120 Char. and i doubt it will change ..I mean have we stopped picking call from unfamiliar numbers because there are too many telemarketer . same is also true for mginger.

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    wow every body is rich……but can somebody, please tell me the size of our advertisement industry…

  7. Applying a little common sense here…

    Money attracts subscribers to sign-up.. so will they be interested in number of SMSes they receive or the actual message of the each SMS?

    Mind it that attention given to actual commercial message is INVERSELY PROPORTIONAL to number of SMSes received.

    i too have signed up on mginger.. asking for as many SMSes as possible because i have calculated that it can pay for my mobile monthly bill. i won't bother to read SMSes.

    Advertizers in this case are throwing money on not the potential customers but smart parasites.