FunnyorDie Tries Not To Die

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Trying to use the word “die” in your name, or teaser tagline is just a bad idea…and rest of it doesn’t sound very funny. Read this from THR about the power-backed FunnyorDie‘s latest attempts to capitalize on its initial buzz (which some say it has squandered away). The venture is expected to announce as early as Monday changes to the site, including the potential addition of new celebrity partners, the story says.

This probably explains it best: “In the fast-moving world of Web 2.0, FunnyOrDie’s strategy already feels anachronistic to some, relying more on one-off celebrity cameos rather than episodic content and emphasizing a singular destination portal as opposed to widespread syndication.”

1 Comment

Frank Sinton

When launched, my investors did put a lot of pressure on me, saying "we need celebrity buzz". My response was that nothing beats comprehensiveness, a great user experience, and openness (i.e. open syndication). In other words: "give users what they want, when the want it, and where they want it". This combination has resulted in sustainable growth versus relying on PR and marketing.

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