Vid-Biz: Joost, DirectTV, PMPs


More Joost Content Deals; European Joosters get Turner’s TV (CNN, Adult Swim); Bollywood movies are coming to the P2P TV service via Eros Intl.; and Aniboom will launch a branded animation channel. (Turner: Rapid TV News; Eros: Variety; Aniboom: release)

Cable Trying to Catch up to Satellite HD Offerings; DirectTV fired the first salvo by saying it’ll have 100 HD channels by year’s end, now cable companies are fighting to overcome bandwidth constraints. (Wall Street Journal)

Video PMPs Shipments to Hit 130 Million; hunger for video will fuel the portable media player market, with shipments projected to exceed that number by 2011. (Parks Associates)

XillianTV and RayV Secure Funding; XillianTV raises $800,000 in seed money from Concept Ventures; RayV pulls in $8 million second round from Accel. (XillianTV: PaidContent); RayV: Globes)

BOO! CBS Interactive Launches Horror Spoof Series; How to Survive a Horror Movie riffs off old 1950s training films. (MediaWeek)

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