Thursday funny: Brad Paisley’s “Online” video


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I’ve been enjoying this Brad Paisley song for months and it’s a hysterical bridge between my Country music and the tech world. What’s even funnier is the video made for the song. See if you spot all of the stars and funny bits! Oh, and now you know why I used the Brad Paisley album cover for my post on streaming tunes via Orb and the one on high quality album art… enjoy!


Paul J Shadwell

Damn! annoying. Not only does it popup the message but dumps me to where the embedded video is. I then have to scroll back up to the top to see the latest post. When the page refreshes it does the same.
James, Kevin, please take it off the or archive the post. Thanks guys.


AOL says not in your area, so if only us look at this site then is it OK , but will you world outside us , then take it away ..

America Only Lis..


Me too. I’m in the UK and whenever I open your site it pops up an annoying message and then scrolls the page down to this post. Grrrrrr.

Perhaps you could take the embedded flash player off the homepage and replace it with a screenshot, a link and a warning to foreign readers.

John in Norway

Is this another USA only post? I get a message about the video not being available in this area whenever I open your site.

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