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SmartSpark Energy Raises $$$: Solar inverter technology (converts DC to AC) is the next place for investment, a VC told me recently. He looks to be right, and SmartSpark Energy said it raised an undisclosed round from Battery Ventures — release.

Solar Decathlon Starts Tomorrow: Twenty college teams will bring their solar prototypes to the National Mall in Washington DC. Cool! — Inhabitat.

Ethanol Losing Friends in High Places: “The stalling ethanol industry wants Congress to mandate greater use of the biofuel. But many of the industry’s former friends have turned against it amid soaring prices for corn and other grains.” — WSJ.

Nobel Laureates Talk Global Warming: If the best minds can’t solve it, well, then we’re really in trouble — NYT.

Soybean Fuel Cell: Technology Management, Inc. (TMI) says it has demonstrated “the world’s first kilowatt-scale Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) system that generates electricity using vegetable oil from soybeans.” If they say so — Biopact.

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