Tested: Skype beta with four times the video resolution


SkypevgaYou might not be able to tell the difference based on the picture, but I sure can.James installed the newest Skype 3.6 beta on the HP 2710p Tablet PC and we just had an hour long "coffee klatch" over video. Remember, the 2710p has a dual core CPU and the option for an integrated 2-megapixel camera, so it can easily handle the new 640 x 480 video resolution.

How can I best explain the video quality over Skype? Let’s put it this way: James’ video (at 30 fps) was clearer and more fluid than my own local video in the thumbnail. It’s that different and honestly, it should be. The new video functionality offers twice as many frames per second and four times the resolution! Looks great, Skype: when will the Mac users see it?



On the Skype page, it says you need a Logitech High Quality webcam. Were you able to do it without a Logitech webcam?

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