Starbucks to set WiFi free?


Starbucks_cupMike Elgan from Computerworld seems to think so. He predicts that within a year, Starbucks will offer free WiFi access in an effort to counter similar offers by competitors like McDonald’s. Wait, did I just compare those two companies? Yeesh.

Anyway, I tend to agree with Mike. In fact, I’d like to offer a transition plan to Starbucks for the next six months. When they run out of iTunes song cards, make up some WiFi cards. Every paying customer gets a WiFi card good for three concurrent days use of free wireless access. This ensures that you don’t have to get hopped up on caffeine each and every day; you can cruise in the next day or the day after to just unwind and connect. Are Mike and I seeing the coffee cup half full here or half empty?


There are actually quite a few McDonald’s that charge for wi-fi. I don’t think the problem is Charging for wi-fi, I would easily pay $20 a month for wi-fi but that there are so many different services. I pay for T-Mobile total internet which gives me internet on my phone as well as access at Starbucks so I would not also pay to connect at McDonald’s.


Starbucks really is the McDonalds of coffee, so why shouldn’t one compare the two companies?


in PR all Starbucks offer free wifi plus u can plg ur comptrs. we even have office meetng in there. Same as Mc, taco maker, dennys, borders, plus a bunch of others


I think Starbucks is the Borg and that you have been assimilated. :P

If you’re going to Starbucks and just hanging out and not even buying coffee anymore, you should really consider finding help for the sickness. ;)

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