Motion cancels multi-touch LE1700

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Motion Computing announced months ago that their latest slate, the LE1700, would be available in a multi-touch (active digitizer and touch digitizer) version this year.  The model would use Motion’s WriteTouch technology and would allow the use of a pen with the active digitizer like most Tablet PCs but would also allow the manipulation of the interface via touch.  This is similar technology that is in products now shipping from other OEMs so the announcement this week by Motion that the WriteTouch model would not be released after all came as a surprise to everyone.  They are claiming that manufacturing and supply issues are preventing them from producing the slate.  That is too bad and a loss for those who believe that pen and touch is the best way to go for Tablet PCs.  In other news Motion is discontinuing the production of their slates with Celeron processors.

(via GottaBeMobile)

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This is bad news for the Latitude XT – it was supposedly going to use the same screen. The LE1700 delays were said to be because of problems with the screen, so perhaps they were unable to resolve those issues. Here’s hoping Wacom steps up on this digitizer/touch technology rather than it being limited to an upstart third party.

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