Mippin uses RSS, brings web to your mobile


MippinAnother day, another way to get web content on your mobile phone. Today’s entry is Mippin, a service now in public beta that’s usable on practically any mobile phone with a WAP 2.0 browser and 176 or more pixels of screen width. Mippin’s database stores feeds that are requested and then makes them available to other users, so theoretically, once you add a feed, it’s there for everyone. Using the RSS feeds from content providers, Mippin creates an optimalweb page for viewing that content on your device based on theuser-agent string it receives. Could be the beta status, but I was unable to view jkOnTheRun for some reason; still, there’s plenty of great content already available. Looks great on an iPhone, but the real test is when I hit it later on the Samsung SYNC we have lying around.

(via blognation UK)



It works with a small footprint on the built-in Nokia services browser. It looks good but is slow (like everything is with the services browser) Funny thing is it works great, really fast and looks good on Opera Mini and the new Mini Beta. Bigger footprint though as Opera is java.


Thanks for the post and the kind words. JKOnTheRun can already be found in the Mobile category. The content is great – I hope you like the way Mippin presents it for you: if not, there is a feedback link at the bottom of every page. We are great listeners.

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